dx1500 framless
dx1500 new zealand river rocks
dx1500 framless
dx1500 new zealand river rocks

Escea DX 1000 Gas Log Fireplace (Double Sided)




DX Series Gas Fireplaces

Ducted Gas Heating Fireplaces with Double Sided Option

Sophistication and flame come together to create the DX Series.

The DX Series gas heaters are an ultra-wide, minimalist profile gas fireplace complete with Smart Heat, Multiroom and Powered Direct Vent Technologies.

With our DX Series fireplaces you can heat multiple rooms with our Multiroom gas ducted heating; control your fireplace anywhere, anytime with its Smart Heat control system; and terminate a flue horizontally or vertically with our versatile flue technology.

Provide flame for two rooms at once with the DX Series double sided gas fireplace option.

High Efficiency Multiroom Fireplace (Gas)

The DX1000 high performance gas fireplace provides a dramatic statement with a 1000mm viewable glass area, unique gas flame pattern and simplistic profile.

Our revolutionary heat transfer system makes our DX Series log fire a whisper-quiet home heating addition.

This fireplace is available as a double sided fireplace

MultiRoom Technology For Escea DX Series Fireplace

Multiform Technology for Escea DX Series Fireplace

Our unique Multiroom Technology pushes the warmth of the fireplace to the farthest reaches of a room, boosting the efficiency and heat output of the DX Series fireplaces.

How does a fireplace’s heat ducting technology work?

The ducts transport the heated air from the fire through the ceiling and floor ducts to the outlets located either within the same room or throughout the house. The heat exchange system continuously heats the available heat within the room and circulates it throughout the ducting system. This heated air is moved through the ducting system by the duct fan, which is automatically adjusted by our advanced Escea technology. This technology ensures the heat output and speed of the fan keeps the room at your desired temperature.

How to distribute heat within your room or house?

When contemplating Escea’s Multiroom fireplace take into consideration these influencing factors:

The volume of the room to be heated.
How well the room is insulated.
The climate of the area. (e.g., NSW is warmer than Tasmania).

The Heat Ducting system is so flexible that the fireplace can be placed almost anywhere, offering unlimited installation options. To access technical information about Escea Heat Ducting Technology, visit the Manuals & Technical section. The design guide on the topic provides extensive details on running heat ducts within the house.

How does a heat outlet look like?

There is a variety of options available for wall, floor or ceiling heat outlets for your ducting system (also known as, ‘registers’, ‘diffusers’ or ‘vents’). You can choose any heat outlet to suit your home’s décor, style or your own personal preference (from wood to metal and modern to traditional).

You can purchase any rectangular wall or floor grill (size: 100 x 300mm) or any ceiling diffuser (diameter: 150mm) from any local fireplace retailer or installer.

Powered Direct Vent for Escea DL & DX Series fireplaces

Our Escea Powered Direct Vent is a balanced flue that uses an externally mounted fan unit controlled by the fireplace to provide higher efficiency, better reliability and fluing flexibility. Two pipes run from the fireplace to the fan unit: one removes spent combustion air from the fireplace, while the other draws fresh air from outside for combustion.

For horizontal termination, the external components are housed in a slim-line stainless cowl with a minimal visual profile. This system is also available with a vertical termination option that allows for through-the-roof installation. If a long flue run is required, Escea’s unique poly pro flues allow for flue runs of up to 12 metres.

Smart Heat for Escea fireplaces

Our exclusive new remote control technology, Smart Heat, puts you in control from anywhere, anytime.

Our unique Escea Smart Heat system connects each fireplace in your home directly to your modem. Once you’re connected, download the Android or iOS app to control your fireplace’s precise settings and temperature. Or log onto our Smart Heat website to view and control your fire’s settings.

The fireplace also monitors the temperature of the room and adjusts accordingly based on the requested room temperature. The fireplace automatically modifies the heat output and air fan to make sure there is no energy wasted – all while staying whisper-quiet.

The Escea Smart Heat system comes standard with most of our fireplaces, and is compatible with most home automation systems.

Never arrive home to a cold house again. Turn on your Escea gas fire before you leave work then walk in and enjoy.


Reflective Side Panels Elongates the firebox for an infinite flame effect.
Zero Clearance No need for expensive fire rated structures. Install straight into a timber framed cavity and place a TV above. See manual for more details.

Additional information

Weight120 kg
Dimensions120 × 80 × 60 cm


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