Feel the heat from a reliable Saxon heater this winter. Shop online or instore in Newcastle.

With operations in Australia, Saxon Wood Heaters are manufactured and distributed by Pricotech Leisure Brands Pty Limited. Saxon Wood Heaters has over 25 years in setting the standards in wood heating technology. The firebox, the heart of all Saxon Wood Heaters offers the strength of 8mm thick steel, which maintains the thermal efficiency second to none. The Saxon range is truly a better choice with state of the art low emission technology combined with style and ease of use. Importantly, Saxon Wood Heaters are covered by a full 10 year firebox warranty and a reputation founded on a proven sales record coupled with the added security of back up and support from one of the largest manufacturer of wood heaters in Australia. From freestanding to inbuilt wood heaters, Saxon Wood Heaters is comprised of a growing network of dealers and distributors who help consumers find the right wood heating appliance for their heating requirements. All Saxon Wood Heater distributors have access to a full list of parts and accessories including flues and other general spare parts. Our team of distributors also provide expert service and advice on the installation and support throughout the life of the Saxon Wood Heaters.